For Peshawar

  • niah

    In baysharam Siyasatdano ki naahili ki wajah say aaj humaray bachay humaray pass nai, aur in siyasatdano kay bacho ko nazla bi hota hai tu humaray tax say apnay bacho ka elaj karwanay bahir jatay hai… dooob k mar jana chahiye in jahil siyasatdano ko.

  • engrhumair

    Whole Leadership of Pakistan is responsible & should be sorry to you – You all must be in Highest places in Jannah – Ameen

  • Vap

    I wish the words could mourn and tears could speak. Every bit of me deep down is shattered.

  • istehsan

    rest in peace fellows. Your sacrifices inshaAllah will never be forgotten, from your blood this nation will rise and your name shall glorify in every corner of this country.. Rest in peace..

  • astonished2010

    RIP. None of you deserved this – we the nation failed you.

  • Biny

    Looking at these faces of innocents it is too depressing for words to express to consider humans can sink to lower than animals in committing cold blooded murder on their own kind. I do not blame the nation leaders but the society that has not taught respect, honour, dignity of fellow humans and fear of God.